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No Download Slot Machines

Slot MachinesSlot machines have been the most popular casino games worldwide for many decades and their popularity does not seem to diminish one single bit. The success behind slot games is much simpler than most people think. It has nothing to do with the blinking and flashing lights or that irritating jingle of slot machine “music”. The reason is the simplicity of the games and the fact that you can get filthy rich with one single spin. Honestly, you can’t top that, you simply can’t, add some progressive jackpots and you have even stronger player magnet.

No download slot machines are something no download casinos can be very proud of as these games are by far the best looking online slot machine games and have absolutely fantastic bonus features and prizes. Although you might think that because these games do not require you to download them to play, they would be simpler and lighter and less fun, you couldn’t be more wrong. Today’s flash/java and other technologies that are used to provide the immediate access to games are so sophisticated that they are actually able to provide better results than their “downloadable” counterparts!

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the wall is a new generation 5 reel and 20 pay line slot machine. It is based on the popular and very funny Hole in the Wall TV-show. Right from the first screen you will notice just how neat and tidy the game looks. Looking a bit deeper in to the game features you will find an amazing looking bonus game, and lots and lots of other great features. The bonus game in Hole in the wall slot machine can reward you with huge multiplier of 79 if you manage to pass all the walls, while not the easiest of tasks; it surely is one of the most rewarding out there!


Cleopatra slot machine is hardly the newest out there. Even so, it is one of the most played slot machines today. Just like the name suggests, Cleopatra slot machine is based on Egyptian theme down to the sounds and colors. The game includes fantastic bonus features such as scatters, multipliers and free spins. The Free Spin bonus or “Cleopatra Bonus” as it is called in the game can reward you with amazing amount of free spins; during the free spins feature you can win additional free spins, the maximum of 180 free spins can be awarded in total (in one “session”)! Cleopatra Slot Machine has one of the most rewarding bonus features today and is a “must” to all slots lovers out there!

Both of the forementioned games with addition of many many other themed slot machines are playable at Slots N Games. Cleopatra can also be played at Party Casino.

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