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Roulette is considered to be the King of all casino games by most people. The second you see something related to roulette, your imagination draws you a picture of the table surrounded by elegant and beautiful people in some fabulous Las Vegas casino. Ok you might have a slightly different variation of that but it is clear that elegancy and the whole essence of casino can be captured it a single game that can be played there and it is quite clear that the only game that can achieve that is roulette.

No download roulette is an excellent choice for all roulette lovers, not only it offers easy and fast access to the games but you will also find all the popular roulette versions. The most popular roulette games at the moment are the French and European roulettes; they are also the ones with the smallest house-edge.

Easy roulette

Roulette is the most famous of all casino games; the popularity of this game has a lot to do with the rules of the game. Roulette is a very simple game to play and is loved by many mathematically talented people. This does not mean that it would be difficult to learn, it just happens so that people who are good at math can calculate odds faster and easier than the rest of us.

Roulette rules

No download roulette has all the same rules that are used in land-based or downloadable casinos. The basic rules are the same for all roulette variations but there are a couple of rules that are used only at French/European roulette games. These rules are “En prison” and “La portage” –rules, both of them result in a less house-edge, thus improving players chances to win.

How to beat roulette

To be able to beat casino roulette, you need a working roulette strategy that does not require you to calculate odds on the fly. The most famous roulette strategy is Martingale, the basic idea using that strategy is to double your bet every time you do not win. Of course as casinos adapted to players using this technique they introduced limits to certain bets, remember that when trying out


Another roulette strategy is D’Alembert system; this system includes ways to pass the losing-streaks with minimal loss. Yet another system is “Three to Two”, it is very easy and probably the safest of three mentioned. Three to Two system covers nearly 70% of the table, this is achieved by betting on Black and the third column or betting on Red and the second column (see picture). The ratio of bets needs to be 3-2 meaning that if you bet £3 on black, you need to bet £2 on the third column. “Three to two” system is not the fastest way to make a fortune but it is also much safer than using Martingale betting system.

Play flash roulette for free

One of the best ways to test a good roulette system is to try it for free. That can be done at online casinos like Slots N Games, as they offer their games for free and for real cash after the initial registration. Of course the whole excitement of roulette shows itself only when playing for real cash, nevertheless trying the systems for no risk is an excellent idea which we recommend for anyone who likes playing roulette games online.

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